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Judy Lewis

Born in Houston, Texas, Judy traveled extensively with her family as a young woman, studied in Europe, and created her first painting when she was inspired by the rich fall colors of New England.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from North Texas State University and her Master’s degree from Washington State University.

Throughout her career, and even while being a stay-at-home Mother of two children, Judy continued to refine her artistic abilities.

Her work might best be described as bright, bold, and vivid, even though she works primarily in watercolor, inks, and color pencil and oils. Influenced by the Impressionists, she views color as an important aspect of her work that helps create the contrasts, movement, and dimensional qualities she wants. The spacial qualities, composition, and affinity with nature of Japanese Art is also highly influential in her designs and subject matter. Judy presently is the Owner and Artist of “Rising Moon Arts” in Denison, Texas, that sells prints, cards and originals of her art, both nationally and internationally.