I don’t know if any of you remember what it was like “in the old days” when you hired someone to do a job for you and it was the custom for them to do the job with complete integrity, giving 100% of their effort, going beyond what you verbally told them, seeing the intention of the project and taking into consideration even the small things to make it right, as if they loved what they did and wanted it to be perfect.  I’ve become so accustom to half-ass done jobs, (where it’s basically “done”, but only the absolute obvious and necessary to make it OK), that I  don’t even expect anything else anymore.

But alas, I found a company like they use to be.  A small group of guys who do lawn maintenance, of all things.

I had a big job, many years past due,  of pruning and cutting back overgrown bushes, clearing out beds of bushes, taking out new tree growths the squirrels planted over the years, and digging out some of the flower stalks that had taken over entire areas.  I had ignored my yard far too long, thinking it was ok just to have it mowed once a week, and, to put it mildly, it was a mess,

You’ve heard the expression, “leave no stone unturned”..well, believe me, it belongs here. These guys came in and saw every weed or blade of grass out of place and pulled it,  paid mindful attention to every bush they cut back, made sure they cleaned the area completely,  and removed years of leaves that were blown into areas by  the mow guys, removed squirrel planted trees, and sculpted my bushes with care.    I don’t usually go into big recommendations of companies, but I found a rare breed here, and wanted to praise them.  They are called “New Horizons” and you can call me if you want their number.  Personally, I think I’m going to adopt these guys.

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